The Crew









Ben Scott, House Engineer


Ben developed a love for all things music at a young age. He spent his childhood trying his hand at a variety of instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, and bass. Growing up, he played with bands in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. After his first experience with studio recording, Ben made the decision to pursue a career in audio engineering. He has worked on film, as well as ran sound for, and recorded artists coming out of Georgia and South Carolina. He has recorded such artists as Marcus King, Justin Johnson, and Michaela Wild. He has worked with artists like Jeff Sipe, Charles Wood, Daniel Hutchens, Charles Hedgepath, and Yonrico Scott. He is currently the House Engineer at Sit-N-Spin Studios, as well as a freelance live sound engineer.



Robert Ricotta, Voice Actor

Robert Ricotta has been a professional voice actor since 2010. He is represented by DS Entertainment in Nashville, Tennessee, The Umbergerger Agency in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Blah Voices in Australia and New Zealand. He has voiced projects from all over the world, and continues to work on high profile brands, web based promotion, global organizations, personal videographer projects, networks, world movies, TV, cartoons, radio commercials, animations, corporations and documentaries.

Robert has been the “voice” of large conferences, global events and initiatives around the world. As of recently, he has Announced the Global Poverty Project on September 28th, 2013 in Central Park, NYC, and the voiceover Host for “On the Fly” (Fisherman) on ESPN Sportsman Channel.

From 2007 to 2008, Robert worked as a Radio Programmer and host for WPFJ 1480 the Dove in North Carolina (now “WTXR” (The Eagle 89.7) Taccoa, GA).. Here he Hosted a Saturday show introducing music, programming and weather as well as local news on a national level. He was involved in Content Writing and Editing, Marketing schemes and initiatives.






Brandon Leard Brandon Leard, Photographer

Brandon is a native of Greenville County and has remained in the upstate since graduating with an MA from Winthrop University.  A professional photographer for the past 22 years, Brandon’s work has been seen in multiple upstate publications as well as two national music magazines.  Brandon skill and interest lies in commercial photography, art prints, and portraiture.   Working with a team of eight other photographers, Brandon used his artistic talents, leadership skills, knowledge of light and color in the capacity of artistic supervisor. When not videotaping or photographing, Brandon likes to paint, plan and create multi-media art projects.  Brandon has a passion for reading and creative writing.  Since joining ChArterOak Media, Brandon has trained and collaborated on numerous videography and photography assignments.  He continues to adapt to his work; always seeking new inspiration in capturing his subject.