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Between our staff and our partner companies, there is nothing we can't handle in house. We do everything from recording local and regional musicians, to handling every step of a marketing campaign from video, scripting, voiceover talent, custom music, photography, and social media content. One of our partner companies is Fete Magazine, which was the first local online magazine, and has been a leader in digital marketing and social media in the region for years...before it was cool.


State of the art recording facility by the day or by the hour. Everything from demos for your band, full length records, live recording, voice overs, podcasts, commercials, and radio spots. 


We have a large tuned Control Room - perfect for mixing. We have ProTools, Logic, and Ableton. Plugins by UA, Waves, and Isotope. Outside producers welcome!

Custom Music

Mastering inside the box as well as outside with 32 channels of analog SPL Mixdream, and loads of outboard gear by Neve, UA, Emperial Labs, Avalon, and Dangerous Audio. 


Video shooting and editing for commercials, corporate, and documentaries. Video editing suite with Final Cut and Adobe Premier.

Whether creating informative corporate and web videos, commercials for television or original scores for films and documentaries, we are able to create just the right musical landscape for your project.

Event, corporate, and product photography as well as social media coverage for events.  

Our Rates are $50-$200 per hour depending on the services you need,(Studio rates average between $50-$75 an hour) , Call or email for a quote!

Studio Packages


Singer Songwriter 3 Song Demo Deal $150
(1-2 people)
3 hours studio time
Free Mastering

Singer/Songwriter 5 song EP $299
6 hours studio time
1 hour free mixing tweaks
free mastering

Band 3 Song Demo Deal $350
7 hours studio time
free set up time
Free Mastering

Band 5 Song EP $550
11 hours of total studio time
5 hours basic tracking
3 hours vocals/overdubs
3 hours mixing

Free Mastering



Singer/Songwriter Live Video Demo $499
3 songs (1-2 people)
2 hours studio/filming
1 hour audio mixing
2 hours video editing

Band 3 Song Live Video Demo $750
3 songs
3 Hours studio/video recording
2 hours audio mixing
2 hours video editing


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